The at the 2005 Green Country Hamfest!


Ed Compos - K5CRQ minding the TRO table at the 2005 Green Country Hamfest.

Photos courtesy of: Mark Conklin - N7XYO Pictures from the beginning through the WB0W booth
  Steve Miller - AA5V pictures from Manning the entrances through balloon release
  Doug Lee - KC5ZQM picture of Spectrum Analyzer


By:  Doug Lee - KC5ZQM TRO Activities Chairman

The TRO booth at the 2005 Green Country Hamfest (GCHF) had one of the better displays there, and it was a bit profitable, too! 

William Adams KC5QLA helped to watch the the booth on Friday night; Ed Compos K5CRQ and Mark Roberts KD5SMF took over on Saturday morning and afternoon, respectively.  THANK YOU, for taking some of the load from my shoulders (and feet)!  Our Fearless Leader, Mark Conklin N7XYO is the Public Relations Officer for Green Country, and he did an excellent job as announcer on the P. A. system! 

Four new members signed up during hamfest.  Three had just passed their tests at the hamfest and had went through the class taught by Joe Iverson - KD5KKZ (TRO member).  Good job Joe!  Fred Williams - KD5NBR is also proud to announce that his wife, Annette, passed her test at Green Country.  I really enjoy seeing people pass their ham tests at the same place I did!

During the ARRL forum, Oklahoma Section Manager, John Thomason - WB5SYT, presented plaques to TRO member Bill Griffin - NI5X, Keith Pugh - W5IU and Don Davis, representative of the Tulsa Air and Space Museum, recognizing their efforts towards the ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) contact made on December 22, 2004.  Congratulations, Bill and Keith!

ARRL President Jim Haynie - W5JBP gave an inspiring speech, even though he said he wasn't there to give an inspirational speech, but to listen to us and to hear our questions, comments and ideas.  He did talk about the origins of the Big Project and the importance of Elmering, which he illustrated by recounting his own start in ham radio.

Speaking of forums, TRO Treasurer Steve Miller - AA5V is the Forums Manager for GCHF, and he did an excellent job arranging them and preparing the meeting room. Thanks, Steve!  Other TRO members that are a large part of making the Green Country Hamfest happen each year are the GCHF Board of Directors, Merlin Griffin - WB5OSM (also President of GCHF), Pat Lane - K5QOP (also Secretary of GCHF) and Richie Schroff - W5OKL (also Treasurer of GCHF).

By my count, 31 TRO members attended this year's hamfest.  Some are on the GCHF Committee and some were involved in helping other organizations or had their own booths;  overall, the TRO was well represented at the 2005 Green Country Hamfest!

Doug Lee - KC5ZQM 03/29/2005


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