449.1 - 444.1 MHz Repeater
Map of .1 coverage

The 444.1 repeater is a TRO UHF repeater.  It's radius of coverage is about 25 miles.

The repeater is located at the top of the TTC/TCC building (was Skyline East) near the intersection of I-44 and 41st street in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The building is 8 stories tall and sets right on a ridge line for this part of Tulsa County.

The repeater is located in the engine room directly below the roof.

The antenna is a Decibel Products 16 element loop dipoles and is mounted in the center of the building.

The repeater is a Kenwood with an output of 15 watts.

Control is provided by a CAT200B controller.


Tom - K5OVT & Bart - N5TWB                                                Tom - K5OVT


Below - rooftop pictures at dusk.
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