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17th Annual Maple Ridge Run
May 26, 2003
Thanks for your participation!


KD5LEF Chuck  Bingham
KD5KKZ Joe Iverson
KD5ZQM Doug Lee
WB5MPU Paul Papke
KD5LED Juanita Mayfield
KD5WLX Jay Elmer
KD5OQY Matt Isam
K5ZJQ Thom Sloan
KD5LPL Jenny Sloan


I am pleased to report a very successful service project recently completed by TRO for the Maple Ridge Run over the Holiday weekend.  TRO Members provided assistance with the start time for this 5k footrace sponsored by the Maple Ridge Homeowners Association.  In addition to the communication assistance the TRO group was also prepared with First Aid and CPR certification but thankfully the event went off without a hitch however comfort was provided to a few panicked mothers in locating their children along the route.
The weather could not have been more cooperative for this event.

The volunteers were thanked personally by Mike Miller who was in charge of the race and we were all invited back again next year.

Craig Roszel KC5TFI
Public Information Officer
Tulsa Repeater Organization


The Ham group at the pre-run meeting