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16th Annual Maple Ridge Run
May 27, 2002
Thanks for your participation!


WB5OSM Merlin Griffin
KD5GUA Doug Everett
KD5OQY Matthew Isam
KD5GUU John Green
KD5OIH Artie Polk
KD5OOD Dustin Stinson
W5OKL Richie Schroff
KC5ZQM Doug Lee
WB5MPU Paul Papke

and daughter Ashley who helped with the run then was in the bike run
herself, sporting her TRO shirt.

We had a great turn out, the event went very smooth. I couldn't have done it without everyone's help. We had Coffee and Donuts during the pre-run meeting. Although it wasn't our job, I treated two people with First Aid at the Finish Line. An 11 year old boy was run over by other runners at the Finish Line (he was also a runner) and a girl about the same age who's helmet fell over her eyes and she ran into a parked car. She had to go to the ER for a few stitches.
       Although communications is our main function, this is another reason for a ham to have his or her 1st Aid and CPR up to date.
We serve the community in more than one way.

73's and Thanks for your help,
Paul - WB5MPU and the Tulsa Repeater Organization

The Ham group at the pre-run meeting

Ashley crossing the finish line