2019 DAM J.A.M. #28 

DAM J.A.M. #28 is Saturday, September 7, in Pryor, OK and lands beyond.  We are in need of a dozen or so  ham radio operators to provide stationary and rolling coverage out on the routes.  If there's any way you could come out to help, we'd feed you, give you a shirt, cover the cost of fuel used and sincerely thank you.  We're gathering in Whitaker Park, Pryor around 6:00 A.M.

If you can help for all or part of the day, please reply and give me your shirt size and any limitations you have.

Also, please pass this information along to anyone else you think might need to know.


Jim Beach

I appreciate those of you who have committed to help out at DAM J.A.M. Saturday, Sept 7. Sincerely, we hate to think about trying to put on this event without your professional quality service.
 There are PDF maps you can download and print at  http://damjambicycletour.com/maps.php.  I'll have some on 11x17 on event morning.

If you're familiar with Ride With GPS, all four routes are there too. The RWGPS app can be handy while you're out there so you can find your own location on the map.

So, it's a week out and forecasts are saying highs in the 90's. If we get any residual effect from Dorian, it could be pretty humid too. The heat and humidity always take a bigger toll on the riders, which makes your service even more important.

So, the more of you that can make it, the better. Thanks a million!

Jim Beach - KE5URF

The event is Saturday, September 7, 2019 beginning at Whitaker Park in Pryor.
Jim needs to know if you can help!

Find more information below.


Meet at Whitaker Park (see map above) in Pryor at 0600 sharp.
Find maps of the different routes athttp://damjambicycletour.com/maps.php.

To offer your help or for more detailed information,
Paul Young - KE5EHM
(918) 637-8414

email to ke5ehm@tulsahamradio.org

People with communications capabilities will be needed at each of the Rest Stops and there may be other water holes that need to be manned.  The tour could go as late as 8 P.M. CDT for the last riders to finish.  Communications help can be used to relieve others throughout the day and early evening.  If you can participate in this event, it just puts another feather in the hats for area amateur radio.
Thanks in advance if you are able to participate!