Outstanding job by our communications team at the DAM J.A.M. in Pryor.

Thanks guys!....

Paul H. Teel wrote -
Yesterday at 10:16am

The annual DAM JAM bicycle event is in the books!
Well done to the Tulsa Repeater Organization and the cadre of volunteers.

Pictured at the command post left to right:
Jim Beach - KE5URF, Jerry Weikel - KE5PMK, Paul Young - KE5EHM, John Grace - KD5VSB, Kenneth Baucum - KG5CBM (primary NCO), Pat Hopkins - N5VMO, Brian Lee Gnad - KB5TSI, Bart Pickens - N5TWB, Ben Joplin - WB5VST (secondary NCO), Paul H. Teel - WB5ANX.  Not pictured: Dustin Dye - AF5XC, and Bob Hildebrand - KG5MQQ (they were already out on the course).

It was a long day for most as the CP stayed on the air till the last 4 riders came in at 5pm.