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Webelos Twilight Camp
May 31, 2002
Thanks for your participation!


WB5MPU Paul Papke
KD5SMF Mark Roberts
KD5CUZ Craig Wooten
WA5QDZ Bud Blust
N7XYO Mark Conklin

The demo at the WEBELOS TWILIGHT CAMP at the Scout Camp in Broken Arrow was, in my opinion, a great success.  Having N7XYO at another Scout Camp was perfect. Lots of kids, and a few adults, were impressed and excited.  We had lines of 6 or more at a time.  I had ATV on my table and had Mark - KD5SMF always off with a down converter.  The kids loved it and dominated it.  Some adults were amazed at the simplicity of it.
I, Paul - WB5MPU was out there, but I want to thank a few people.
             Mark Roberts, KD5SMF, for inviting us out there.
             Craig Wooten, KD5CUZ, for the loan of his tripod and helping with the Q&A.
The many hams that talked to the kids on 3rd party
             and I wouldn't have had my ATV going if Bud - WA5QDZ hadn't jumped in and helped.  A special thanks to you.

73's and thanks for your help,
Paul - WB5MPU and the Tulsa Repeater Organization

Mark Conklin - N7XYO was at another Scout Camp 5 miles west of Cleveland, Oklahoma
demonstrating Amateur Radio


They are having a lot of fun, but, what's with the
drink setting on top of the communications box?

Oh how we all want to be TV stars!

Definitely future Amateur Radio license holders.