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ARES Shirts

ARES Field Response T-Shirts                                                              October 2007

High quality ARES Field Response T-Shirts are now available from an Oklahoma supplier.

ARES Field Response T-Shirts are a high quality t-shirt - 50% Poly 50% Cotton blendin ROYAL BLUE color, with 5" white ARES logo on front over left breast, also has white letters on the back which read "RADIO COMMUNICATIONS" only $16.28 including tax, for sizes S to XL,add $2.00 for 2XL or add $4.00 for 3XL.

Note: IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED YOU ORDER 1/2 SIZE LARGER than you would normally purchase -the T-shirts will shrink about 1/2 of a size.

UPDATE: Pocket T-Shirts can be ordered for only $19.50 including tax, for sizes S to XL, add $2.00 for 2XL or add $4.00 for 3XL.

ARES Field Response T-Shirt shirts can be ordered one at a time or in bulk. For the cost of shipping, your shirts can be mailed to you or in Tulsa just stop by the store and pick them up.

Unique Stitches Inc.
9435 E 51st St, Suite B
Tulsa, OK 74145-9047
(918) 794-5494
Contact: Kathy Pittenger

Unique Stitches Inc. also offers an ARES Golf Style shirt (the golf shirts are great for
meetings and non field response).

ROYAL BLUE Golf Style shirt w/pocket (Model BG-7206) 65% Poly 35% Cotton (w/Dupont Teflonfabric protection) with red, white & blue ARES logo embroidered over the pocket. Only $40.16 including tax.

(A big thank you to Unique Stitches Inc., who has also been providing shirts for Tulsa PD, OK1-DMAT, MRC and other agencies.)







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