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Route 66 Quarter Marathon

August 1, 2009
Thanks for your participation!


N7XYO Mark Conklin
KE5EHM Paul Young
KE5EHT Jessie Cole
KE5EHU Don Cole
KE5HPB Stan Callahan
KD5GUA Doug Everett
K5XMR Nick Jewell
KE5OML George Jacobs

From Chris Lieberman of the Route 66 Quarter Marathon has sent the Volunteer and Participant Surveys as well as stating he thought the race went very well.

Click here to see the Volunteer Survey

Click here to see the Participant Survey

Operational Plan & Review:

Public Service Event - Route 66 Quarter Marathon - Sat 8/1/2009

Route 66 Quarter Marathon Executive Director is Chris Lieberman 

Net Control Station Mark Conklin N7XYO

This was a Quarter Marathon, with a 5K and Fun Run also with from 1000 to 1500 participants, mostly in downtown Tulsa.

Schedule of Events:
Streets Close at 0500 Local
Meeting time; 0700 Local
Meeting Location: 2ND and Elgin (Start Line)
Event start Time: 0730 Local
Event Finish Time: projected to be 1100 Local

Our Primary Function: Communication for the event
Operation Freq: 146.940 repeater
Back up 146.880 141.3 pl  repeater or 147.390 repeater 

This will be a controlled net please use tactical call signs.

- Suggest you park your vehicle right up next to the station you are supporting, so that you can sit in your vehicle (out of the rain) and use your mobile radio for better coverage.
- Most locations can be worked with a hand-held (bring extra batteries) - due to the background noise bring your headphones or ear buds.
- If you have RADIO COMMUNICATIONS signs for your vehicle - please display then.
- When crossing or driving one the race course, make sure you have your flashers and any warning lights on.
** All emergencies should be reported to NCS, if necessary do not delay DIAL 9-1-1

 Volunteers for the event:
Mark Conklin           N7XYO
Paul Young              KE5EHM
Don Cole                  KE5EHU
Jessie Cole              KE5EHT
Stan Callahan          KE5HPB
Doug Everett           KD5GUA
Nick Jewell               K5XMR
George Jacobs       KE5OML

After event summary:
With 8 Amateur Radio operators we were able to staff a Net Control Station and ten positions.  We first made sure that the key rest stops and safety points/observation positions were covered. Then we were able to do this by moving operators from primary positions that closed early in the route to the secondary safety/observations post.

Primary positions:
Net Control Station
Rest Stop 1 12th St & Guthrie Ave
Rest Stop 2 Denver Ave & 2nd St
Rest Stop 3 Main St & 4th St
Med 1 Riverside Ave. & 15th St
Turn 1 Riverside Ave & 19th St
Check Point 3 Riverside & Southwest Blvd

Secondary positions:
Check Point 1 3rd St & Lansing
Check Point 2 Denver Ave & 7th St
Check Point 4 3rd St & Detroit
Check Point 5 1st St & Detroit

There were not challenges or incidents that occurred during this event. Then threatening stormy weather moves out of the downtown Tulsa area and was not an issue for the event. 

A pre and post event briefing was given to all operators. Communications went very well during the event.  And due to the cool weather the 146.940 repeater worked nicely.

Thank you to all the volunteers that took time to come out and help with this public service project.

A special note of thanks to the Emergency Manager for Okmulgee County George Jacobs KE5OML who came up from Okmulgee to lend a hand, and get a little amateur radio public service event training.


Submitted Mark Conklin N7XYO


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