The 2006 Field Day!

Fred - KD5NBR and Gary - KC5ZQP working on antennas.

Left to right - Stan - KE5HPB, Fred - KD5NBR, Brian - KB5TSI and Zach - K5BCT getting radio's ready for Field Day contacts.

One of our highlights of Field Day was the visit from the Life Flight Helicopter and crew.

Life Flight helicopter coming on in........

Ah, on the ground. . . . . . . .

Linda, nurse and with Life Flight since it's inception in 1979, Fred - KD5NBR and two of his children.

The one we all wait for, Annette - KE5EHV, the cook!

Ron - KB5VDB, Justin - KE5IQZ, Larry - KC5KLM and Jim - KD5KNB, uh, uh, manning the radio's?

Mary - KE5EHQ, Nick, Mary - KE5EHR, Tom - KD5OPH, Annette - KE5EHV, Ben - WB5VST, Gary - KC5ZQP, Fred - KD5NBR and Doug - KC5ZQM having some dinner.

...and the winners are Fred and Annette Williams (KD5NBR and KE5EHV) as the official TRO Field Day work-aholics!


TRO Field Day 2006 

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I will try to get a story in here soon, but, the pictures pretty much do the job and I wanted to get those out here so you could view and have an idea what went on at the TRO Field Day site.

Steve Miller - AA5V


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