TRO at the Night Out Against Crime
When: Thursday, August 4, 2005 4:00 to 8:00 PM

Where: McClure Park at 7th and Memorial
in Tulsa


The "crowd" at the Mayor's Night Out Against Crime was smaller this year.  Thunderstorms literally dampened the mood.  Actually, I think visitors to this year's event were more relaxed and attentive to the displays.  Except for the rain and humidity, we faced fewer distractions this year.
One storm had cleared the area around McClure Park, 7th and Memorial, by the time I arrived.  Ed Compos K5CRQ, keeper of the TRO PR kit, was already there helping with Tulsa Fire Department's Kids' Safety House.  The captain in charge of the Safety House loaned us a collapsible canopy.  Soon after we had the canopy up and situated, the rain started up again.  Then it intensified.  The winds whipped around a bit, but never got very strong.  The rain continued.  And continued.  Then it began to taper off.
Fred Williams KD5NBR and Gary Parham KC5ZQP arrived well before the rains stopped, but couldn't do much but wait.  The rain did stop, and we did get the PR table set up.  I also set up my ICOM IC-228H mobile in a portable configuration.  I made a few announcements about the event on the 146.94 repeater.  For ambience, I had my MFJ Pocket Morse Tutor generating random 4-character groups.
We didn't have as many visitors this time, but we were able to give them a little more attention.  One special visitor towards the end of the event, Wyatt Bonicelli, was one of the kids who participated in the ISS contact at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum last December.
A big THANK YOU goes to Ed K5CRQ, Fred KD5NBR, and Gary KC5ZQP for helping with the booth.  I'd also like to say thanks to Joe Iverson KD5KKZ for taking time from his busy schedule to come by for a visit.
By Doug Lee - KC5ZQM
Also, thank you Doug for the following pictures at the event -

The TRO PR table and about 7/8's of Ed - K5CRQ

Ed - K5CRQ and Fred - KD5NBR at the PR table

The TRO banner and 1/3 of Ed - K5CRQ  :)

Fireman Prepares to repel from bucket on ladder truck

TFD personnel prepare for another repelling demonstration

Not a "tank", the "Tulsa Police Armored Vehicle"

Front view of the Tulsa Police Armored Vehicle

Some of the arsenal of the Tulsa Police "SWAT Team"

TPD Bomb Squad robot



Steve Miller - AA5V
Treasurer/Webmaster -
Tulsa Repeater Organization

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