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TRO helps by providing communications for the
Tulsa State Fair Parade

When: Saturday, October 2, 2004

Many THANKS to those that participated!

Tim Holley - KD5RXN

Larry Adams - KC5EQM

Ben Joplin - WB5VST

CJ Mears - KD5OOH

Left to right - Loyd Beeson - AE5MM,
Ed Compos - K5CRQ, John Grace - KD5VSB and
Mark Thrash - WB5MBK

John Grace - KD5VSB

Jill Mears - KD5THQ and Huffy the fireman clown

John Grace - KD5VSB -
Yes, John had some kind of magnet to the camera lense.

Thanks to Doug Lee - KC5ZQM for the following report:


Overall, the Fair Parade went smooth, despite late-arriving line-up sheets.  We had a few entries show up late, and so we had to put them at the back of the line.  But everyone that showed up got to take part in the parade.

            Thanks to Mark Conklin N7XYO for providing doughnuts, fresh-brewed coffee, and juice so the volunteers would be alert and energized.  Ben Joplin WB5VST once again did a good job of running the net (with help from Jesse).  I think Ben may have a life-time position.

A big THANK YOU goes to everyone who helped.


Doug Lee KC5ZQM
Ben Joplin WB5VST
Tim Holley KD5RXN
Lloyd Beeson AE5MM
Ed Compos K5CRQ
Larry Adams with son Aaron KC5EQM
Mark Thrash WB5MBK
Jill Mears KD5THQ
John Grace KD5VSB
Robert Coughlin KD5BGX
Lynda & Merlin Griffin WB5OSM
Joe Gorkos N5TEX
Gary Parham KC5ZQP
Paul Papke with daughter Ashley WB5MPU
Mark Conklin N7XYO

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