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TRO helps by providing communications for the
Tulsa State Fair Parade

When: Saturday, September 27, 2003

Many THANKS to those that participated!

Thanks to Doug Lee - KC5ZQM for the following report:


TRO and Mayes County Amateur Radio Club members began to gather at the F&M Bank parking lot ,13th & Harvard, around dawn on Sept. 27.  If you're like me, you'd wonder why anyone would get out that early on a weekend.  We did so to provide a service - staging the Tulsa State Fair Parade.

            TRO President Mark Conklin, N7XYO, stopped by to encourage the troops before heading off to work.  Mark Thrash, WB5MBK, brought two vital items - donuts and Marching Order lineup sheets.  Ben Joplin, WB5VST, once again did an excellent job as Net Control.   Ben's granddaughter Montana came along to watch the proceedings (and, I suspect, to keep and eye on him).

            Bands, drill teams, floats, cheerleaders, and pom pom squads soon began to show up from as far away as Savanna OK and Cartage MO.  We divided the parking lot into sections, agreed who would cover the different sections, plus the streets and the judging stand area, and fanned out to tend to the task at hand.  By 10 AM we had the 45-50 entries properly lined up and started them moving down Harvard to 17th, then east towards the Fairgrounds.

            A very big THANK YOU! goes to the following people for making the Fair Parade 2003 a success:

Merlin Griffin WB5OSM
Ben Joplin WB5VST
Jon Greene KD5TUF
Thom Sloan K5ZJQ
Jenny Sloan KD5LPL
Larry Adams KC5EQM
Mike Adams KC5EQN
Robert Watt KC5EMI
Billie Watt KD5KGQ
Jessica Watt No Call
Tom Hance KD5CNY
Joe Gorkos N5TEX
Ed Compos KD5YQL
John Grace KD5VSB
Gary Parham KC5ZQP
Paul Papke WB5MPU
Doug Lee KC5ZQM




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