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TRO helps by providing an Amateur Radio Demonstration for

Webelos Woods Weekend

When: October 24 through 26, 2003

Many THANKS to those that participated!

Thanks to Mark Roberts - KD5SMF for the following report:




The Indian Nations Counsel, Boy Scouts of America held its annual Webelos Woods at Camp Bob Garland October 24 to 26, 2003.  Scout Troops from the Tulsa Eagle District participate in the event setting up camp sites and activities to recruit potential members.  Members of area Webelos Packs come from all over the Indian Nations Counsel to participate each year. The Tulsa Repeater Organization sponsored an Amateur Radio demonstration during the event.

Mark Roberts, KD5SMF, helped to organize equipment and volunteers to help with the station and provide educational information to the Scout Leaders, parents and Webelos.  Paul Papke, WB5MPU, volunteered his portable trailer with tower and push up poleís.  The antenna system consisted of a Cushcraft Ringo Ranger AR2, an Alpha delta Outbacker, and an MFJ-1778 Dipole antenna.  Richard Conn, KD5JXU, Vice President of the Mayes County Amateur Radio Club provided A.P.R.S. and a laptop computer to play the DVD recording of Amateur Radio Today, narrated by Walter Cronkite.  Lloyd Colston, KC5FM, Mayes County Emergency Management coordinator helped at the station as control operator and answered questions from the Webelos about emergency communications and preparedness.  Mike Reiser, KD5LPE, a member of Tulsa Eagle District Troop 222, provided his ICOM 746-PRO all mode transceiver for HF operations and functioned as control operator during the event.

The program consisted of a video presentation of the ARRLís Amateur Radio Today.  This gave the Webelos an opportunity to see how amateurís respond to emergencies by providing back up communications for civil authorities during times of crisis.  Webelos visiting the station signed a visitor log and actively participated in learning about emergency communications.  A total of 63 Webelos signed the visitorís log and we estimate that an additional twenty or more visited the station without registering.  Mike Reiser - KD5LPE selected two names from the list for a prize given during the bond fire.  Webelos Scout Keagan Schifferderker from Pack 67, and Panken Steyer from Pack 307 won a Science Fair AM SHORTWAVE radio kit.  All the scouts had an opportunity to participate and talk on the air.  George Mathews at the National Weather Service in Tulsa, had WX5TUL on the air Saturday during the event handling 3rd party traffic on the 147.06 repeater.

All of the amateur stations who contacted the station during the event are greatly appreciated for their assistance with our 3rd party traffic and making the event a tremendous success.  Mr. Tony Brown, from the Indian Nations Counsel Eagle District complemented the amateurs regarding the station operations and the program.  Our next Indian Nations Counsel event will be held at John Zink Ranch in April, 2004.  We will be planning to attend the event and set up a station, and have more activities for the Scouts and Webelos.  Please watch for upcoming events and announcement, or contact the Indian Nations Counsel at 918-743-6125 for information. 73's

Mark Roberts KD5SMF

The "Amateur Radio Today" display.  
The Camp Garland Ham Shack. Richard Conn - KD5JXU testing the station.
Mike Reiser - KD5LPE at the operating point. Mark Roberts - KD5SMF operating.
Front - Mark - KD5SMF.  Back, Mike - KD5LPE
Paul Papke - WB5MPU, Richard - KD5JXU &
Lloyd Colston - KC5FM

Lloyd - KC5FM

Mike - KD5LPE operating Mark - KD5SMF at the operations position in the shack.
  Paul - WB5MPU near the shack wanting to be seen.
Richard - KD5JXU showing a couple Webelos the The Kenwood TS-450 HF station for MARS operation
at the Camp Garland ham shack.
The portable tower on a trailer brought by Paul - WB5MPU.  

Thanks Mark for all the hard work organizing and implementing this project, not to mention the article and pictures on this page.

Thanks to all those that were able to participate

Mark Roberts KD5SMF
Paul Papke WB5MPU
Mike Reiser KD5LPE
Richard Conn KD5JXU
Lloyd Colston KC5FM






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