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Ham radio operators help by providing communications for the
Tulsa Run

When: Saturday October 25, 2003

Many THANKS to those that participated!

by Doug Lee - KC5ZQM

The forecast for Saturday, October 25 mentioned a chance of rain in the morning.  The rain didn't  show up, but 10 hams did show up to provide communications support for the Tulsa Run 2003.
Everyone had reached their assigned areas by 7:30. That gave everone a chance to check their equipment before the races began around 8:30.  That lead time became important in my situation.
Around 7:45 I noticed somthing long, skinny and dark on the ground next to me.  It resembled the flexible element of my HT antenna - and that's just what it was.  Unfornunately the base was still on the radio.  Fortunately, I had a brought a back-up.  Lesson learned #1: Always have a back-ups or spares of vital equipment for any public service event.
Only one watering station had a problem - no cups.  Wayne Yeary KD5OIQ at 41st and Peoria managed to talk with Ben Joplin WB5VST in the water truck.   They got the cups delivered in time.  Lesson #2: When arriving at a public service assignment, always identify yourself and your role to the person in charge of your station and ask if they know of any problems they have that you can help them resolve through communications.
I want to make a special mention of the efforts of Joe Iverson KD5KKZ.  He not only did a fine job as net control, he coordinated this event for us while going through intensive training for a new job.  THANK YOU, JOE!
Gary Seaton N5YDH, kept everyone informed of where the rain actually was by supplying us with radar updates.  The other oprerators not already mentioned include:
John Grace KD5VSB,
Ed Compos K5CRQ,
Jim Clifford KB5AST,
Paul Papke WB5MPU,
Artie Palk KD5OIH,
Doug Lee KC5ZQM.


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