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Thursday, December 19th 2002
The annual TRO Christmas Party

A great time was had by all.

A lot of fun with the DIRTY Santa gift exchange.

Some very nice prizes won by others.

Santa brought a Icom 2100H, weather radio, TRO membership, and some other prizes.  Your webmaster does not have a list of all the prizes and winners.  I will post as soon as I have the information.

I do have some great photos by Joe Iverson to give you a idea of the fun we all had at the party.


Ashley Papke and the President - Merlin - WB5OSM
handling the tickets to get the dirty Santa game started.
Mike - AD5DT carefully unwraps a router.
Bill - NI5X and better half Monica looking on as the dirty
Santa game progresses.
Mike - KC5JAG and kids checking out the bird house he got in his gift from the dirty Santa table.
Yes! Santa paid us a visit.  He looked a lot like a person I
know as Mark - KD5SMF and I know those are his kids hanging around Santa.
Fred - KD5NBR & two of his harmonics.  Look at the 2001 pictures and see how much that boy has grown since last year and now a new harmonic.

Jim - KB5AST tried to convince us his name was Santa, up until the real Santa came in.



Defaul2.jpg (10408 bytes)