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TRO event - Special Events Station
Celebrating 35 Years as an Amateur Radio Club in Tulsa

When: Saturday, September 14, 2002
Setup began around 0800 CDT Saturday morning.
Operation was from 1400 UTC (0900 CDT) and ended at 2100 UTC (1600 CDT).
Everyone that came down to the site at Helmerich Park seemed to have a great time.
We had two stations on HF and one on VHF.  Fred - KD5NBR and Mark - KD5SMF kept the HF rigs going while Doug - KC5ZQM was working 146.55 simplex.

Where: All of the fun was had at Helmerich Park at 76th and South Riverside

Many many thanks to Doug Lee - KC5ZQM, first for suggesting the
TRO hold the Special Event Station at the beginning of the year, then carrying through with the organizing of the day.
Thanks to Fred Williams - KD5NBR, Calvin Purkey - KD5NBQ, Mark Roberts - KD5SMF, Mike Ellard - KB5BLZ, Doug Everett - KD5GUA, C.J. Mears - KD5OOH, Steve Miller - AA5V and Doug Lee - KC5ZQM for bringing the generators and other equipment needed to hold this event.

Following are a few photo's from yours truly - AA5V




Steve Miller - AA5V
Treasurer/Webmaster - Tulsa Repeater Organization

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